Our Lives are filled with many first experiences.
For women, one experience we probably won't forget is the day we got our first period.

Do you still remember yours?
Was it celebrated, something indifferent, or an experience you would rather forget?

Luna Love was created by a mother and daughter for everyone who share the belief that this special day in a girl’s life should be nothing less than a celebration.  This is what inspired us to create our two beautiful First Period Gift Boxes.

Our personally designed gift boxes are handmade and mindfully curated taking into consideration teenage bodies and personal preferences. We cater for both the everyday and eco-conscious girl who like options and want to experiment. Our gift boxes are a great introduction to a full range of premium disposable or reusable sanitary products. It will see your daughter through her first period and will allow her the freedom to try different products which will help her determine what works best for her and her body.

To ensure that your daughter is prepared or any eventuality we included, a quick "what's included and how to use it guide", a Luna Love Period Tracker and a locally designed, discrete “just-in-case” bag that can be filled with emergency sanitary essentials for her school bag or to take wherever she goes.

To make her feel extra special, and because we know that a 
little TLC and pampering is essential during this time of the month, we added some beauty spoils, specifically designed for teens, that are 100% natural, cruelty free and proudly South African.

First experiences happen once in a lifetime, make your daughter’s first period memorable for all the right reasons. Celebrate this momentous occasion in her life, make her feel special, empowered and welcomed and spoil her with one of our beautiful First Period Gift Boxes.