Celebrate Your Body 2


The ultimate puberty book for preteen and teen girls


by Dr. Carrie Leff & Dr. Lisa Klein


Discover your body’s awesomeness with the puberty guide for tween and teen girls.

Puberty is one of the first signs that you’re growing up―and that’s something to be celebrated. If you’re looking for body-positive puberty books for girls but aren’t sure where to start―Celebrate Your Body 2 provides the support needed to navigate this whole puberty thing with confidence.

From bras and braces to budding romantic feelings, this guide stands out among puberty books for girls as you become an expert on everything from pimples to peer pressure. Of all the puberty books for girls, this one will help you discover how your changing body is beautiful, special, and simply on the way to becoming the number one you.

Celebrate Your Body 2 goes beyond other puberty books for girls, including:

The shape of you: Explore how and why your body is changing with advice on mysterious hair, period care, and more.

Cool and confident: Find calmness during mood swings and increase your self-esteem using creative suggestions and confidence-building tips rarely found in puberty books for girls.

Close-knit vs. clique: Learn about choosing the right friends, finding a trusting ear, and the importance of consent.

Your body is awesome―now start your journey right with Celebrate Your Body 2, one of the best in puberty books for girls.

Recommended for girls aged 10 years and older.

Rockridge Press
Celebrate Your Body, 2
Release date:
November 2019
Carrie Leff  & Lisa Klein
226 x 150 x 15mm (L x W x T)
Paperback - Trade