MyOwnCup Menstrual Cup Combo


Small/Teen Menstrual Cup, Storage Bag and Steri-spray

What's in included:
1 Small/Teen menstrual cup
1 Printed cotton storage bag
1 Steri-Spray that can be use to sterilize your cup, hands, toilet seat and more!

Cup specifications:
Capacity  : 15 ml 
Length     : 4.5 cm
Diameter : 3.8 cm

MyOwnCup menstrual cups are made from the purest silicone, which is medical grade and allergy friendly, so there is NO risk when worn by those with the lightest of flows, and can even be used for the last few days of your period to manage the "spotting".

This small cup can be used from a young girls first menses, however it is recommended that she feel comfortable with her body and has a basic understanding of her period. Due to the small size of the small cup, it is recommended for teen girls. Not suited for those who have given natural birth.

Each cup can be reused for up to 8 years.